World’s festivals of spices


Food spices mean a lot, especially in some cultures. They can either be in the form of a fruit, seed or powder. If you are a spice fanatics and love travelling, which are some of the spices festivals to attend. Here is the list of popular spices festivals around the globe. As you enjoy the food, you also get to experience a mix of cultures and traditions that not even Google can inform you.

Grenada Spice festivals

The cultural event, dubbed as spicesmas, is a Grenadian expression of its glory, with things reaching the climax on the second Monday and Tuesday of each August. There is always large attendance mainly from Africa, Caribbean, French and British. The carnival is colourful and full of other fun activities besides the spiced food.

Pure Grenada Nutmeg Spice Festival

The festivals run for two straight weeks beginning on November 22. There is an exciting schedule of exhibitions, competitions, culinary displays and other community activities. The festival is hosted by Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association where hotel and restaurants from across the Caribbean are challenged to create new dishes and cocktail with spices and nutmeg as key ingredients.

Nutmeg and spices become part of Grenadian heritage and tradition hence the name ‘Isle of Spice’. They use nutmeg as healing herb and spices as natural aromatherapy ingredient.

Spice Route Culinary Festivals

The festivals run for four days with the primary intent of the festival being to rekindle the rich legacy of cultural exchange with other countries along the ancient spice route.

Silk and Spice Festival

The festival is held in Bukhara, the city of Great Silk Road .the aim of Silk and Spice festival is to revive the cultural legacy of the Great Silk Road. With years the ceremony turned into a tourist attraction begging in May and ending in June.

During the ceremony, people dress up in National costumes with performers of acrobats, wrestlers, artists and dancers.

Spices of the Caribbean

By attending the festival, you get to learn about the world of spices via cooking and other culinary events led by staff chef and celebrities at the Jade Mountain Resort. There are a five-course dinner and a spicy beach burger eating competition and later a tour of the spice garden.

Spicy unlimited

If you love spiced up food, you will enjoy the spicy Unlimited Food Festivals. There is service from the top chef who serves dishes with extra spice. There is a variety of option from top Indian dishes to the hottest pizza you have ever tasted.

Indian Food festivals in the UK

Britons are top consumers of mouth-watering curry. This has given birth to multiple festivals paying tribute to the curry. The celebrations involve cookery workshop, curry masterclass with an opportunity to purchase a broad range of spices. Some of the top spice festivals in the UK include Norwich & Norfolk Curry Festival, Broadstairs Food Festival, The East Midlands Food & Drink Festival and Pembrokeshire Fish Week Festivals.

Spice foods lovers have gone ahead and organised National Spicy Food Day. There are lots of food to eat on that day as almost every dish goes well with spices. Some of the best dishes are Chunky Burger and More, Gallo Pizzeria, delicious Tamales, Thai Bistro and Sushi.