10 Biggest food festivals around the world

article-2049776-0e58131200000578-121_634x506Are you a fun of juicy BBQ ribs or organic munchies? There are various global food festivals for food fanatic. The festivals are one place where you could forget about dieting for your waistlines and get to try new foods while you explore new cultures and traditions. Whether it is to brush your cooking skills or learn about health food craze, or sample food made by the best, take a look at the following ten best food festivals in various parts of the globe.

Grillstock, UK.

Combine the love for music and food, and you get the Grillstock. The festival is a tribute to the mother of all meat –fest, the American BBQ. This year, the top performers were Grandmaster Flash, Levi Roots, Razorlight and Fun Loving Criminals. Grillstock was brought to the spotlight in 2010, and since then annual gigs are held in London and Manchester. If you happen to be late for the party, you can always get the delicacies at London’s Walthamstow any day of the year.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Florida

Florida South Beach host a four-day food marathon.It features the world most famous wine producers and the chef making it a no regular BBQ affair. You also get to enjoy the sun-kissed beach on the month of February every year.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festivals, Australia

Melbourne knows how to put on a decent spread. On March, food fanatics and wine buffs from all corners of the world head to the Australia city to get a seat in one of the country revered restaurants to enjoy over 200 food events.

MAD Symposium, Denmark

Mad is a Danish work for food. The celebration purpose is to make very meal a better meal. The festive focus on educating the public on how to eat responsibly without destroying the environment.

Galway Oyster Festival, Ireland

In 2016, the 61st festival was held on the West coast of Ireland. The ceremony is featured with oyster shucking skills and traditional Irish music.

International White Truffle Festival, Alba, Italy.

It is believed that most Italians know their way around the kitchen with the festival marking the country as the home of many mealtime classics. The festival is held on each October and November.

Savour, Singapore

More than 18,000 people get to enjoy different South Asian Cultures, from Indian to Chinese, making it an excellent opportunity to bring culinary influences.

Wildfoods Festivals, New Zealand

Hokitika is the home to one of the unique food festivals. Since 1990, the festival has been a platform to showcase some of the wildest and creative food from the West Coast.

Good Food and Wine show, South Africa

Cape Town is home to top world restaurants. In the beautiful city, you also get to enjoy demonstration and presentations from a master chef.

Taste Festival

The food event is held in different parts of the world. World chef prepares meals, beers, and sprits enjoyed along with brilliant live entertainment. In Moscow, the festival is twice in a year, one in summer and one in winter, so you have the option to try out each season menus.