5 spices you’ve probably never heard of


Back in history spices, were greatly valued. In fact, spices were used as ransom in freeing the kidnapped. Most of those amazing spices got lost along the journey to civilisation but with some effort you can trace them. We do have a list of our favourite spices, but it is nice to change the taste of your food ones in a while. Thinking of introducing something unique, below are some of the food spices that you might have never tasted and should give it a try.

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World’s festivals of spices


Food spices mean a lot, especially in some cultures. They can either be in the form of a fruit, seed or powder. If you are a spice fanatics and love travelling, which are some of the spices festivals to attend. Here is the list of popular spices festivals around the globe. As you enjoy the food, you also get to experience a mix of cultures and traditions that not even Google can inform you.

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